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Dell’Acqua, c.a. is an engineering and construction company founded in 1960 in Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela.

It has extensive experience with both public and private sector projects, some of which, due to their nature and magnitude, form an important part of Venezuela's infrastructure and industrial base.

We currently have a presence in eight Latin American countries, doing our best in the execution of works and projects to assist with the consolidation of a strong and lasting infrastructure in the regions in which we are involved.


Our initial activities focused on execution of earth moving and open-pit excavation with the systematic use of explosives.


Beginning in the 1980s Dell Acqua, c.a. ventures into the hydrocarbons and mining sectors, developing exploitation projects and building surface facilities. Later, our company participated in the execution of processing plants and industrial facilities in the petrochemical, energy and steelmaking sectors.


In its more than five decades in the construction industry, Dell’Acqua, c.a. has completed, among others, numerous infrastructure and industrial projects in full compliance with applicable regulations, and 100% of the projects for which it was contracted were delivered to the contracting entities’ complete satisfaction.


Joining Dell'acqua, c.a. means joining a highly specialized, dynamic and competitive team, with a great tradition of passion, knowledge, experience, and a drive for constant improvement of its processes.

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