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Dell’Acqua, C.A., believes that compliance with all governing regulations, completed project quality, respect for the environment, and laborer safety and health are essential for its activities to succeed.  On our journey toward business excellence, we have implemented an integrated management system, through which we seek to surpass client expectations and improve our results—delivering service quality, respect for the environment, laborer safety and health, and socially responsible behavior. To achieve this, we maintain the following standards:


      ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 26000.


Therefore, our policy is based on the following principles:


  • Quality, a key factor that serves as a basis for client loyalty.

  • A commitment to fulfill the reference guidelines requirement and continually improve the management system’s efficacy—by implementing EFQM-model improvement mechanisms.


  • Dedicated compliance with applicable legal and other governance requirements , paying special attention to those on quality, the environment, corporate social responsibility, and laborer safety and health. 




Dell’Acqua, c.a.’s quality policies provide high aggregated value, resources and services, supported by a quality system dedicated to detail knowledge of current standards, and exceeding customer’s expectations by continuous process improvement and personnel training and development.




Dell’Acqua, c.a. is responsible for establishing, communicating, and complying with regulations and principles designed to ensure comprehensive protection- and that govern Project activity execution, and provide safe worksite for employees, free of contamination by physical, chemical, or biological agents.  In addition, it is responsible for providing employees with adequate, well maintained equipment and tools to carry out duties without fear of or threats to their well-being.




It is Dell’Acqua, C.A.’s policy to place high importance on the sustainable administration of natural resources, and to guarantee the availability of water, environmental sanitation, and contamination control in all development areas, and the areas under special administration regulation. The company thus collaborates to stimulate and promote civic participation in environmental management to ensure improvement of its activity, in terms of quality and opportunity. Legally required environmental protection is very important to Dell’Acqua, C.A. It is a key factor in securing the environmental authorizations that govern how our activities can, favorably or unfavorably, influence the environment. We are highly sensitive to all aspects of environmental feasibility, a decisive element for administrative authorizations for project execution.

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