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To actively participate in developing modern infrastructure, providing innovative solutions and high-quality services that contribute to sustainable development in the regions and communities in which we operate.




To consistently exceed customer expectations by offering high-quality services and products, and building cooperative relationships to provide exceptional performance in constructing structures and facilities.



Our values provide the basis for our development as a company, and include:

  • Ethics                                                                                                                            

      We operate based on the principles of honesty, transparency and good faith toward our        customers and toward each individual and institution with whom we interact from day to        day.E

  • Discipline   

      We understand and accept responsibility for the tasks and goals that are entrusted to          us as part of a team effort, the success of which depends on every team member. We          abide by the standards that regulate our activities as a daily, ongoing constant.                      

  • Excellence                                                                                                                       

      We believe in continuous improvement and competition as a path to excellence, based        on knowledge and the development of our skills.

  • Respect toward others

      We treat everyone right and with respect, whether they be coworkers, professionals,            shareholders, customers, suppliers, government, communities and any part of society          in general.

  • Concern for the environment                                                                                

      For Dell'Acqua, c.a., protecting the environment is of the utmost concern; a prevailing,          determining factor in every activity we carry out.

  • Quality and Innovation                                                                                          

      We continually encourage and invest in developing our professionals in order to                    guarantee the quality of our services.                                                                                                

       Social Responsibility








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